Our Company

The fashion industry has labeled most women in this country as “plus size,” yet this is a generation of body diversity. In 2017, our founder, Anisha Ramakrishna, launched Currently. The brand started as a small collection with five curve size styles that were sold on Amazon. Much to our surprise, all of the styles soon sold out. After the success of the soft launch, we decided to build a brand that was size inclusive and eco-conscious. We are going beyond the traditional idea of fashion and challenging societal norms that have held women back for far too long. Here at Currently we produce dresses ranging from sizes 0-32. We want to show that it can be done. The customer is at the heart of our unique business model. Our gorgeous dresses are designed using upcycled, recycled and natural textiles. We produce a few styles at a time in limited quantities to maintain a high-quality product and mitigate waste. Mindfulness is at the core of our brand and everything we do. All we have is this present moment and that is the meaning behind Currently.